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Website Hosting

All the effort that goes into your company’s website design and marketing will be for nothing if your website is down or slow to respond. We understand that time is money, which is why our servers are located in secure, data hosting facilities using the most up-to-date software available.

Web and Email Hosting With?99.9% Up-time.

At WebWorks89, our flexible hosting plans offer lightning fast speed, stability, scalability, and 24/7 technical support.


Website Hosting

What’s the Cloud?

It’s a floating server in the sky.? Well maybe that’s not exactly accurate, at its most basic “The Cloud” refers to the internet.? The benefit of cloud hosting is that your website it not effected by low power, crashes or other errors.

Each website is securely hosted, backed up and always available on our cloud based servers. Don’t think of it as nothingness though, it’s still hardware.? The cloud is servers that are accessible through the internet. Read more about “The Cloud” here.

DNS Hosting Service (domain name system)

DNS delegates where your domain name should point to.? It also holds other information about your website, like IP address, name and mail servers. DNS records send this information to browsers so that it knows how to display your site to users.

We include DNS hosting service with all domain names registered through us. We set up your website appropriately our cloud server and will manage your DNS records for you. We have full access to your DNS records in-house so that we can make changes quickly if needed.

Hosting can be a complicated concept, but our IT teams are experts at website and email hosting.

Email?Hosting & Services

Once you have a website up and running our email services can enable you to send, receive and review emails on any of your devices. It is imperative for your business to be in direct contact with potential customers and we have several types of email plans that can serve your needs.

Email Setup

Every business needs a professional email from which to send and receive business correspondence. Stop using Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail for your business needs. Customers are more likely to trust a company that uses domain based email addresses. This is an important step in solidifying your brand and website URL.? Let us set up your professional email address using your website domain.

Email Support

Once your domain based email system is set up we can help with the ongoing support of adding and removing users. We can also help you and your staff with access to your company email across all devices you use including phone, desktop, or tablet.

Email Spam Filtering

Stop spam before it reaches your inbox with our email spam filtering service. Email is sent through a series of filters to weed out those messages with spam content. ?There is no chance of losing good emails, emails labeled as spam are sent to a quarantine mailbox that you are able to review at any time. Filtering out these emails increases productivity among your team. Ask us about our email spam solution today, call for immediate tech support (910) 392-7778.

Email Campaigns and Newsletters

Learn how our Digital Marketing Team can help you manage your email campaigns and newsletters.

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